Organic Thai Bananas

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Origin: Thailand

How to prepare

An all time favourite for snacks, you can also eat them with a passion fruit on top, or fry them, bake them in a banana bread or in a crumble. If they are over ripe (ie: more black than yellow), then it is the perfect timing to do a banana bread, the recipe you can find in the RECIPE section of our web site is the best recipe in the world, really! For good. Try it! 

Our Thai bananas might contain seeds, like little stones. If you are lucky enough to get one, do plant it in a pot, you might get a banana tree. And if you want to plant it in soil, let us know and we can arrange that with our "Plant a Tree" program. :)

How to store it?

Bananas are actually ripe and ready to be eaten when you see the first black marks appearing on their skin. Before that, you can eat them but they will require extra energy to be digested. If you receive your bananas unripe/too green, just wrap them in a sheet of paper and put them in a cupboard for 24 hours. As the ethylene the bananas emit when ripening is trapped inside the paper, it will allow the ripening process to accelerate. Your bananas should be ready in a day or two. 

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