Making ShiokFarm Sustainable Together

Sustainability is our guiding force. Our organic fruit and vegetables come from the countries around Singapore and we avoid plastic wherever we possibly can - that means zero plastic in our bags (with the exception of berries, which would be damaged if we did not use plastic punets).

We truly believe that every action - big or small - has an impact. Put them together and they become stronger and stronger. These are our first steps towards change. Will you join us?

How to offset our carbon footprint

At ShiokFarm, we want to take ownership and understand the amount of greenhouse gas production related to our activity. For the first time in 5 years, we have calculated our carbon emissions related to transportation, storage and delivery of our produce.

Using the GHG Protocol calculation tool and methodology, we have estimated a total of 131.6 metric tons of Co2 for the year 2020. 90% of these emissions come from transportation, 9.6% are related to the weekly deliveries of our bags while less than 1% come from the storage of our produce.

Our first step towards Climate Positive is to reduce our emissions whenever it is possible. In 2021, we are our first LOW Co2 BAG, filled with produce 100% trucked in from Thailand and Malaysia (zero airplane!).

The second step is the Co2 mitigation. Starting this year (2021), we support reforestation projects in South East Asia:

In Singapore, our Plant a Tree Kit has been designed for families and schools to give them a chance to take part in our effort. The kit is a fun educational tool for children. This project aims to offset part of our emissions, inspire our children and support our community. Our ambition is to plant 50 trees in Singapore in 2021, offsetting almost 13 metric tonnes of Co2 over the trees lifespan. According to various studies, a tree can absorb up to 22kg of CO2 per year, we estimate that a healthy papaya tree will capture approximately 110 kg of carbone over its lifespan and a citrus will take up to 400kg.

In Cambodia, we are committing to plant 100 citrus trees in 2021, which will account for 32 metric tons of Co2 compensation over the growth life of the trees.

In Indonesia, we are partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant Mangrove. Each mangrove tree has the potential to offset 308 kg of Co2 over the growth life of the tree*.

* Eden Reforestation, Mangrove Forest Carbon Sequestration PDF

What You Can Do

There are two ways you can offset your carbon footprint: either plant the trees yourself through our Plant A Tree program or donate to an association that plants trees (coming soon).

Plant A Tree: Step by step video guide

What's on the menu

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