Making ShiokFarm Sustainable Together

Sustainability is our guiding force. Our organic fruit and vegetables come from the countries around Singapore and we avoid plastic wherever we possibly can - that means zero plastic in our bags*.

We truly believe that every action - big or small - has an impact. Put them together and they become stronger and stronger. These are our first steps towards change. Will you join us?

*With the exception of berries which will be damaged if we do not use plastic boxes.

How to offset your carbon footprint

It is an important goal for us as a company to become carbon neutral. And since we are a community, we would like to extend this goal to our members as well. Here is how you can offset the carbon footprint of your fruit & vegetables bag subscription. 

This table shows the different bags we have as well as the number of trees one should plant to offset the carbon footprint of his/her bag.

Over To You

Know how many trees you need to plant? There are two ways you can offset your carbon footprint: either plant the trees yourself through our Plant A Tree program or donate to an association that plants trees (coming soon).