Charity Partnership

As a social enterprise, supporting the community is very central to our mission. Here are two projects that are close to our heart. They have allowed us to meet with beautiful people, who are all actively supporting their community. We are very grateful for meeting them and working with them.


Cheshire Home

Since we started in 2015, we have donated almost 3 tonnes of organic fruit and vegetables to Cheshire Home for the Disabled. All three of our founder's children learnt how to walk pushing the residents' wheelchairs around. :) Four years ago, we took them clubbing on a Saturday afternoon - they had never done it. If you are looking for a charity to support, this one is lovely. Spending an hour a week with the residents will make a real difference in their lives, and quite likely in yours too. :)

(ShiokFarm supports Cheshire Home in Serangoon Gardens Way). 


We also support Onesimus, a farm project that uses farming as therapy for the disadvantaged in Singapore.

What's on the menu

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We take pride to always try to bring produces that are grown as close as possible to us. We fly things in only if they are not available nearby. If you would like to order a produce that you are not seeing listed here, leave your email and a note and we will try to add it!