Terms & Conditions


These Terms & Conditions govern your relationship with Love Roots Pte Ltd trading as “ShiokFarm” (a company registered in Singapore) and all orders (“Orders”) that you may make for produce including fresh fruit and vegetables (the "Products" or “Product”) via the ShiokFarm Website, www.shiokfarm.com (the "Website"). Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully as they affect your legal rights and obligations.

1. Purpose
ShiokFarm shall supply, and Members shall purchase, the Products in accordance with these Terms & Conditions. A “Member” means any person who completes the registration process set forth in Section 2 of these Terms & Conditions and is thereafter accepted and activated by ShiokFarm as a member of “ShiokFarm” for the sale and supply of Products on the terms and conditions contained in these Terms & Conditions.

2. Membership Registration

2.1 To be eligible to receive Products from ShiokFarm, a valid ShiokFarm membership is required.

2.2 Registration can be completed by following the instructions on the Website. To apply for registration as a ShiokFarm member you must be over eighteen (18) years of age and be a resident of Singapore.

2.3 For the registration process, certain personal information will need to be provided together with your selected Bag Type (defined in Section 2.4) and preferred Collection Point (defined in Section 5.1).

2.4 “Bag Type” means the different Product offerings made available to Members from time to time as listed on the Website. ShiokFarm will use best commercial efforts to notify Members of the contents of each Order by Bag Type no later than the Saturday prior to the designated delivery date but reserves the right to make changes or substitutions at any time.

2.5 A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provide in your membership registration application once your application for has been received.

2.6 You will receive a further confirmation email once your membership application has been accepted. Please note that there may be a waiting list. You will be notified once your membership is ready for activation.

2.7 To activate your membership, you will be required to do the following: (1) set up a direct debit facility via the Website for payment of the Product Fees using ShiokFarm’s designated payment collection vendor, (2) pay a Deposit as provided further in Section 3.1, and (3) acknowledge your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions and the ShiokFarm Privacy Policy. In furtherance of (1), you must provide details of a valid credit or debit card bearing either the MasterCard or Visa symbol (“Registered Card”) to be used for payment of Product Fees. No other form of payment of Product Fees (including cash or cheque) will be accepted.

2.8 ShiokFarm will inform you of the date of your first Order when confirmation of your membership activation is provided. No Orders shall be deemed accepted by ShiokFarm unless and until acceptance and activation of your membership registration has been confirmed in writing by ShiokFarm.

3. Deposit

3.1 Payment of a deposit (“Deposit”) is a condition of the activation of your membership. The amount of the Deposit payable is provided on the Website. For the avoidance of doubt, a Deposit shall only be payable once your membership has been accepted and will not be payable whilst you remain on our waiting list. Deposits must be paid by bank transfer. No other forms of payment of Deposits will be accepted. Payment details for the Deposit will be emailed to you once your membership application is accepted.

3.2 In the event of cancellation of your membership and the termination of our contract, subject to ShiokFarm’s right to retain all or any portion of your Deposit to offset any unpaid Product Fees, ShiokFarm shall use best commercial efforts to refund your Deposit within thirty (30) days of the end date of our contract. ShiokFarm takes no responsibility for a Member’s failure to provide accurate bank details.

4. Product Fees and Payment

4.1 The fees payable for each Bag Type are listed on the Website (“Product Fees”). All prices are inclusive of charges for packaging and transport to your assigned Collection Point.

4.2 ShiokFarm reserves the right, by giving written notice to Members at any time, to increase the price of any Bag Type to reflect any increase in ShiokFarm’s costs for the sourcing and/or delivery of the Products. If you do not accept the price increase, you may cancel your membership and terminate our contract with immediate effect (excluding any Orders already processed for delivery) by emailing claire@shiokfarm.com within thirty (30) days of your receipt of a price increase notice.

4.3 Payments will be made on a monthly basis in advance. Your Registered Card will automatically be charged for your Order on the twentieth (20th) day of each calendar month. However, ShiokFarm cannot accept any liability for how long it takes the bank to process payment. 

4.4 ShiokFarm reserve the right to suspend deliveries of Orders to you and/or cancel your membership and terminate our contract if ShiokFarm is refused authority from your Registered Card issuer for payment or ShiokFarm reasonably believes that payment will be refused.

5. Delivery and Inspection

5.1. ShiokFarm makes delivery to a number of designated collection points located across Singapore listed on the Website (each a “Collection Point”). Your Order will be delivered to the Collection Point assigned to your membership.

5.2 You are responsible for making suitable arrangements to collect your Order from your assigned Collection Point within the designated collection times. ShiokFarm must be notified in advance of any third party (e.g. your spouse and/or foreign domestic worker) authorized to collect your Order on your behalf (“Authorized Person”). Each Member may have up to two (2) Authorized Persons. You, the Authorized Person or Substitute Member collecting your Order must sign the order sheet at the Collection Point to verify the collection of your Order. Any failure to collect your Order within the designated time shall result in the forfeiture/donation of your relevant Order and no refunds will be provided.

5.3 You must return the carry bag(s) in which your Order is delivered to the Collection Point when you collect the following week’s Order. Please sign, or cause to be signed on your behalf, the order sheet at the Collection Point where indicated to confirm such return. In the event of any failure to return carry bags, ShiokFarm reserves the right to charge Members a reasonable fee for their replacement.

5.4 You must inspect the Products as soon as possible after delivery and notify us promptly on the day of delivery if you find any defects in your Order. ShiokFarm will replace any Products acknowledged by ShiokFarm to be defective and Members acknowledge and agree that no refunds shall be offered. ShiokFarm will not replace or accept any responsibility for any defects caused by your misuse and/or neglect of the Products or by accidents caused while the Products are in your possession. 

5.5 ShiokFarm reserves the right to close a Collection Point at any time. If a Collection Point is closed, affected Members will either have the right to be assigned a new Collection Point or to cancel their membership and terminate our contract upon the closure of the relevant Collection Point.

6. Vacation Form and Substitute Members

6.1 If you are unable to collect your Order during any period of your contract (for example, if you intend to take a vacation), you must complete and submit a Vacation Form (as defined below) for the relevant Orders via the Website. The “Vacation Form” is available once a Member has logged into the Website and is a form that is used to advise ShiokFarm of any dates on which a Member is unable to collect their Order, allowing the Member to either (1) appoint a Substitute Member (as defined in Section 6.2) to collect the relevant Orders, or (2) donate the relevant Orders to charity. A Vacation Form must be submitted not less than a week prior to the relevant collection dates.

6.2 If you would like a substitute Member to take over your Orders for any period of time, in addition to completing a Vacation Form as required pursuant to Section 6.1, you must arrange for a suitable third party to collect your Order on your behalf (“Substitute Member”). You must provide the Substitute Member’s phone number and email address when you complete the Vacation Form as well as the exact dates on which the Substitute Member will be picking up your Order. You will inform any Substitute Members that ShiokFarm will contact them (via email and/or WhatsApp) to provide relevant collection details for the Orders that they will be collecting on your behalf. You acknowledge and agree that you shall be responsible for payment of all Product Fees for any of your Orders which will be collected by a Substitute Member and you shall be responsible for making your own arrangements for reimbursement of such costs from the Substitute Member. ShiokFarm shall not be liable for any failure by you to collect such payment from a Substitute Member.

7. Order Modification and Cancellation Rights

7.1 Any changes to a Member’s selected Bag Type and/or designated Collection Point shall be subject to ShiokFarm’s prior written approval and will require a minimum of one month’s notice. Subject to your receipt of ShiokFarm’s written confirmation of any such modifications to your membership, such changes shall be effective from the first day of the calendar month following expiration of the applicable notice period unless otherwise notified by ShiokFarm. ShiokFarm will use reasonable endeavors to confirm any requested modifications within ten (10) working days. If you do not receive confirmation from ShiokFarm within such time, please email claire@shiokfarm.com to confirm receipt.

7.2 ShiokFarm may suspend or cancel your membership and terminate our contract with you immediately at our reasonable discretion if you breach any of your obligations under these Terms & Conditions. 

7.3 You can cancel your ShiokFarm membership and terminate our contract at any time upon two (2) months’ written notice by emailing claire@shiokfarm.com. Such cancellation/termination will only be effective once you have received written acknowledgement of such cancellation/termination from ShiokFarm. ShiokFarm will use reasonable endeavors to confirm any requested cancellation/termination within ten (10) working days. If you do not receive confirmation from ShiokFarm within such time, please email claire@shiokfarm.com to confirm receipt.

8. Warranties, Liabilities and Force Majeure

8.1. Whilst ShiokFarm tries to ensure that information included on the Website or in any other materials is correct, we cannot accept responsibility if, despite our endeavors, this is not the case. You acknowledge and agree that the weight of each Bag Type as listed on the Website is indicative only and ShiokFarm provides no guarantee as to the exact weight and/or contents of each Order actually delivered. ShiokFarm has no responsibility for any content provided to Members by third parties on the Website or otherwise and are merely providing access to such content to you.

8.2 The Website and its content are provided "as is" excluding warranties of any kind, either express or implied, to the fullest extent permissible under applicable law. ShiokFarm accepts no liability for functions contained on the Website and makes no warranty that the Website will operate uninterrupted or error-free or that any defect will be corrected. We do not warrant that the Website is compatible with your computer equipment or that the Website or its server is free of errors, viruses, worms or "Trojan horses" and we shall not be liable for any damage you may suffer as a result of your use of the Website. Websites or pages to which the Website is linked (other than other websites operated by ShiokFarm) are for information only and have not been reviewed by us. We have no responsibility for the content of such websites or pages and accept no liability for any losses whatsoever that may be incurred as a result of any linking to the same.

8.3 ShiokFarm assumes no liability for any adverse reactions (including allergic reactions, food poisoning etc.) that may occur, and shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting, from consumption of our Products.

8.4 ShiokFarm’s liability in connection with any Member’s contract for the supply and purchase of Products shall not exceed the Product Fees paid to ShiokFarm by the relevant Member in question. Except for liability which cannot be restricted or excluded by law, ShiokFarm shall have no liability for any indirect or consequential damages (including loss of profits). Notwithstanding the foregoing, ShiokFarm’s liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence shall not be limited. 

8.5 ShiokFarm shall not be liable for any delay or failure in the performance of our obligations hereunder due to events beyond our reasonable control such as, but not limited to, fire, flood, adverse weather, acts of God, strikes, labor disputes, riots, civil unrest, accident, disruption to energy supplies, equipment or supplier failure, road traffic problems, terrorism or war.

9. Term
Subject to the cancellation of a membership and termination of a Member contract pursuant to Section 7.2, Section 7.3 or any other provision of these Terms & Conditions, the term of our agreement shall be six (6) months commencing from the date on which you receive your first Order; provided, however, that the term of such agreement shall automatically renew for successive periods of six (6) months unless otherwise cancelled/terminated.

10. Amendments
ShiokFarm may update these Terms & Conditions from time to time by posting the updated Terms & Conditions on the Website. Any such changes will apply once written notice of such changes has been given to Members. If you do not wish to accept any new Terms & Conditions, please email us at claire@shiokfarm.com to cancel your membership pursuant to Section 7 above.

11. Personal Data 
You acknowledge that you may from time to time submit your personal data (including name, telephone number and email address) to ShiokFarm in connection with the management and administration of your membership. The personal details you give us are governed by the ShiokFarm Privacy Policy except for your Registered Card and payment details which are governed by our designated payment service vendor’s Privacy Policy. Your Registered Card and payment details will not be stored by ShiokFarm. You must ensure that all details provided for registration and activation of, or otherwise in connection with, your membership are correct and complete. You may update your payments details via the Website. Should you wish to access, confirm, verify, modify or update any other personal data supplied in connection with your application/membership, or to withdraw your consent, please contact us at claire@shiokfarm.com. Changes to personal data can only be made on written instruction from you.

12. Intellectual Property
The Website and all materials, text, code, content, software, videos, music, sound, graphics, photographs, illustrations, artwork, names, logos, marks, formats, files, devices and links contained in it or linked to it (together, the "Content") are protected by copyright, trade marks and other rights of intellectual property owned by or licensed to ShiokFarm. Anyone accessing the Website is entitled to view any part of it. However, the Content must not be used nor reproduced (in whole or part) for any other purpose including, without limitation, on or in connection with another website or publication or for direct commercial gain without ShiokFarm’s consent. Furthermore, any links to the Website must be notified to and approved by ShiokFarm before they are created or steps are taken to create the same.

13. Miscellaneous 
Except as otherwise expressly provided in Section 6 above, you may not assign, sub-license or otherwise transfer any of your rights under these Terms & Conditions. No waiver by ShiokFarm of any breach of these Terms & Conditions by a Member shall be considered as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision. If any provision of these Terms & Conditions is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, the validity of the other provisions of these Terms & Conditions and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected thereby. These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Singapore and the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.

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