How to make the best short crust pastry?

How to make the best short crust pastry?

Have you ever tried a home made shortcrust pastry? If you don't know, it is probably because you have not tried one. Here is a super easy recipe to make, and everyone will tell you how good it tastes! And if you select good quality ingredients, your tart will actually be exceptional! - says the expert at shortcrust pastry! ;)

You will need:

- 300gr of flour

- 150gr of salted butter, cut in cubes. Let them out in a bowl on the counter for a good 30 minutes so that they start melting - but are not liquid

- 1/2 tea spoon of salt

- 3 tbsp of sugar (of you are making a sweet tart, if you are making a quiche or anything salty, DO NOT add this sugar)

- 80ml of water (you can actually put 40ml of water and 40ml of warm milk)

Mix the salt and flour, add the butter. Mix with your bare hands and you should obtain something that looks like small crumbs, even sizes. Add the liquid (water, OR water + milk), until you obtain a big ball with no lumps of flour.  Put in the fridge for 30 minutes. Voila, it's ready to use! 

Note: you can prepare a few dough and put them in the freezer.  


Claire Chabrieres

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