Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil (250ml)

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Geraci was established in 1925 in the heart of the Valle del Belice in Sicily. The centenary olive trees are harvested by hand early October in order to have only green and unblemished fruits, which gives less oil, but of higher quality and with great richness in polyphenols and low levels of acidity and peroxides.

Geraci exclusively uses Nocellara del Belice, the prestigious Sicilian olive variety, from local and organic farming. It has a bright green, oval shape, its pulp is naturally crispy.

Olives are immediately crushed after harvesting in Geraci's "frantoio" (oil mill)extraction is done with a “cold continuous cycle”

The oil is fruity, has hints of grass, artichoke, tomato and leaf. Spiciness and bitterness are well balanced. Your tastebuds will be delighted! :)

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