Our Bags

At ShiokFarm, we really want to make organic vegetables and fruits affordable for every family. We strongly believe that every child should be able to be fed with organic healthy food as his/her health depends on it.

We have put together different types of bags delivered every week, and hopefully one will fit your needs:

5kg Bag
Weekly organic goodness for 2 adults and 1 to 2 children.
from $268.00 / Month
5kg Bag - ShiokFarm
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7kg Standard Bag
Weekly produce for 2 adults and 2 to 3 children.
from $328.00 / Month
7kg Standard Bag - ShiokFarm
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7kg Indian Cuisine Bag
Weekly produce for 2 adults and young children.
from $328.00 / Month
7kg Indian Cuisine Bag
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6kg Paleo Diet Bag
Weekly organic fruits and vegetables for people following the Paleo Diet (no night shade vegetables).
from $388.00 / Month
6kg Paleo Diet Bag - ShiokFarm
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3kg Premium Bag
Weekly premium produces,
ideal to top up our 5kg or 7kg bag.
from $268.00 / Month
3kg Premium Bag - ShiokFarm
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3kg Fruit Bag
Weekly organic goodness for snacks, desserts or juices
from $188.00 / Month
3kg Fruit Bag - ShiokFarm
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