Panettone Organic Classico (750gr)

Every day in Milan, Italy, where the Panettone was born, Riccardo bakes his artisan organic Panettone. Its unmistakable fragrance, prepared with a few simple ingredients, without preservatives or flavourings, has a genuine taste and a moderate sweetness.

Making a Panettone takes Riccardo three days. At the heart of the process is the long natural leavening, over 32 hours, with only sourdough, cared for and refreshed several times a day, respecting the tradition.


In the pure mood of Slow Food, Riccardo choses to use raw materials, most of which come from local organic farms. Riccardo shares on his web site the names of all his suppliers: this traceability is really exceptional and has to be encouraged!

Ingredients: wheat flour*, egg yolk*, sultana raisin*(11,1%), butter* (milk), candied orange peels*(9,3%)(orange peels*, raw cane sugar*, glucose-fructose syrup*, lemon juice*), sourdough* (wheat flour*, water), raw cane sugar*, honey*, sea salt. *Organic. 
May contain traces of nuts.
The gentleman on the picture standing behind a huge panettone is Riccardo. :) 

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