Organic Sandwich Bread

1.0 L

1.0 L

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This is big 1kg sandwich loaf, perfect for brunch and kids who don't like crust. 

The organic unrefined whole wheat flour comes from Sicily, Italy. It is stoneground in the respect of the Slow Food tradition. This method keeps the germ of the wheat grain intact and turns into a nourishing flour with high antioxidant properties and a low gluten index. If you prefer to bake your own bread, you can buy it here.

Please note that the bread will come whole to keep it fresh.

Storage advice

There are many ways to store your bread if you are not planning to finish it on the day you receive it. What we favor at ShiokFarm is to slice it to your desired width and then flip one slice out of two (it will be easier to separate them later), put them back in their bag and store it in the freezer. To eat: toast for a couple of minutes (or less, depending on your toaster). 

Delivery Information

Members*: Your bread will be delivered weekly together with your fruit & vegetables bag. Place your order before noon Friday on any given week and receive your bread the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

Non members
: Place your order before noon Friday and your bread will be delivered weekly at home, starting the following Tuesday. Note that you can complete your bread delivery with a selection of fruit and vegetables available here. Or some olive oil and other dry products available here. They will be delivered together.

* Wine box members, please note that we cannot deliver your bread with your wine box. If you do not have a fruit & vegetables bag subscription, please opt for the Home Delivery option

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1.0 kg
Sold Out
1.0 kg
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