Organic Quince

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Origin: Australia

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How to prepare

Important note: most varieties of quinces remain hard, astringent and acidic and can only be eaten after cooking.

The fruits are mainly used to make compotes, jellies, jams or cakes. Quinces can also be roasted in the oven, or used in the preparation of mutton or chicken tajines. 

The fruit was known in ancient Greece. Its most popular variety came from the region of Chania ("Kydonia") on the northwest coast of Crete: it was called "μῆλον κυδώνιον (Mêlon Kudonion)", or "apple of Cydon", hence the scientific name of the genus, "Cydonia", attributed to quince.

How to store it

You can store the fruit on your counter for a few days. As they ripe, the quinces become more fragrant. 

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