Organic Green Capsicum

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Origin: Thailand

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How to prepare

Cut them in halves and remove the seeds and membrane, as shown here. You can eat them raw or bake them. To bake, put them face down on baking pepper, put two table spoons of olive oil and in the oven: 220C for 25 minutes. The skin should get dark. Remove them from the oven, let the cook down. Peel the skin off, add a bit of pepper, salt, olive oil. Eat! :) You can of course use them in a ratatouille or in many Asian dishes.

Important note regarding capsicums: once you have cut them open, you want to eat them quite quickly. If you leave them cut open in your fridge overnight, they might make you quite burpy.

How to store it?

Store these in your fridge, in the vegetable compartment. They can stay a few days, if you have not cut them open. If you have, eat them quickly.

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Origin: Thailand
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