Organic Champagne Tellier - Extra Brut - Les Massales - 2017 (in transition)

0.75 kg

75cl bottle of Organic Champagne( in transition) .

Domaine Tellier has a prime location, it is situated in Moussy in the very heart of the Champagne region. The vineyards are 35 years old on average with the oldest vines dating from 1964. Each of the 18 vineyard plots is unique. They all have a different history, soil, climate and grape varieties. To respect the origin of each grape, Domaine Tellier vinifies each plot separately. When the grapes reach perfect maturity, they are traditionally picked by hand and grapes are taken directly to the winery to undergo a gentle pressing. More aromatic and suitable for aging, only the first “musts” are used for wines. They are protected by neutral gasses to avoid the use of sulphites.

Tasting notes

The deep rose gold color shimmers with tiny bubbles. The first nose immediately displays notes of plum, almond and dried flowers, reminding of late summer or early autumn. The wine slowly unfolds around bread and butter notes, showing patient aging in the cellars. Upon aeration, the expressive maturity is highlighted by exquisite aromas of baked apples, marzipan and quince jelly, accompanied by slightly “meaty” base notes. The attack on the palate is petulant, refreshing and effervescent. The acidity brings liveliness and rhythm to the tasting, and later gives birth to a certain smoothness. Besides, the effervescence and the dosage are in unison and enhance the remarkable body and the overall warmth on the palate. Warmth, body and smoothness merge to create a singular texture akin to wool. 

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