12 Free Range Eggs

0.6 kg
Origin: Australia

Quantity: 12 x 50g to 60gr

How to prepare

These eggs come from Sunny Queen Free Range Farmers in Australia. This farm has been in business for 80 years 🌳, their chickens have 6 times more space than the National Free Range Standard. If you want to see by yourself click on the link below: https://www.sunnyqueen.com.au/free-range/chooktracker 🐓; And they are independently audited and accredited by ESA (Egg Standards of Australia) for quality and animal welfare ✅📝

Fry, boil, scramble, poach - take your pick! This video will show you new ways of preparing your eggs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZeXlxROPUY

Subscription please note that we encourage you to add the eggs to an existing delivery, or you will be charged a delivery fee of $11.70 for Singapore and $15.60 for Sentosa

Note: those eggs are not organic, they are free range.  🐓


Keep in fridge

Best Before 23rd March 2023

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