12 Free Range Eggs

0.6 kg
Origin: Australia

Quantity: 12 x 50g to 60gr

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How to prepare

These eggs come from Sunny Queen Free Range Farmers in Australia. This farm has been in business for 80 years 🌳, their chickens have 6 times more space than the National Free Range Standard. If you want to see by yourself click on the link below: https://www.sunnyqueen.com.au/free-range/chooktracker 🐓; And they are independently audited and accredited by ESA (Egg Standards of Australia) for quality and animal welfare ✅📝

Fry, boil, scramble, poach - take your pick! This video will show you new ways of preparing your eggs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZeXlxROPUY

Subscription please note that we encourage you to add the eggs to an existing delivery, or you will be charged a delivery fee of $9.50 for Singapore and $14 for Sentosa

Note: those eggs are not organic, they are free range. We are getting the approval to bring in organic eggs and will list them here as soon as we have the chop! 🐓


Keep in fridge