Fragrant Butternut Gnocchi Kit

3.0 kg

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Follow this simple recipe from our chef Hiroko to make delicious homemade gnocchi! 

What's in your kit:

Kit A:

You will find ingredients to prepare enough gnocchis for 4 people. Depending of everyone's appetite, you might want to add a salad. When we had ours, we had some homemade ciabatta bread with a bit of parmesan cheese that we soaked in the sage sauce, it was soooo good and the sage sauce smelled so wonderful! As a side, we had a mozzarella and some roquette salad with a bit of olive oil and Kampot pepper on top. Heaven! 

One Organic Butternut (between 400gr & 600gr)
Organic Potatoes
Organic GERACI Extra Virgin & Cold Pressed Olive oil (250ml)
Kampot pepper
Organic Stoneground Wheat Flour (1kg)

Kit B:

Same as Kit A + one bottle of French Organic White Wine to bring additional joy to your table. :)


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