5 bars of organic chocolate, made in Singapore

Marie Monmont is a trained chef and chocolatier, first in Wellington, New Zealand, and now in Singapore. She is always experimenting with different flavour combinations.

After a visit to Brazil several years ago she discovered a fruit called cupuaçu, which has a creamy dense texture and is related to cacao.

Marie and her teams put their whole heart in this chocolate. Each and every of their actions try to make a positive contribution to the communities where they operate. Their chocolate is organic and fair trade. For packaging in New Zealand, Marie enrolls inmates to help them on their journey to return safely to society (see Department of Corrections for more info). In Singapore, she specifically decided to work with Adults with Special needs at APSN Centre for Adults (CFA), who would otherwise not find a job.

Marie makes her chocolate with Cupuacu. It is a fruiting tree that grows in the rain forests of Brazil and it is farmed in very few places in the Amazon river basin and Bahia. The fruits is about melon-sized with a husk-covered coconut-like shell. Inside the cupuacu fruit there are large seeds and creamy white pulp. It is the pulp fruit that is so sought after. As a species, the cupuacu plant (Theobroma grandiflorum) is a sister plant to cacao, and the flavor is often compared to that of chocolate. The taste of cupuacu is often compared to chocolate, banana, melon. Mixed with chocolate, it will remind you the texture of a candy. :)

ShiokFarm brings you a combination of 5 different chocolate bars. These will be lovely gifts for your self or your friends. :)

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