Our Plant A Tree program


Our Plant a Tree program was set up for two reasons:  we wanted our children to understand that food takes time to grow, but also that children can be as young as 3 years old and can have an impact on their community.


Food takes time to grow: a pineapple does not grow in a plastic tray at the supermarket. A pineapple can take up to 2.5 years to grow, hence you want to make sure you finish your plate and not waste food.


Show children they can have an impact on their community from a very early age: we teach children how to plant and grow trees, with seeds taken from their ShiokFarm fruits (papaya, bananas, citrus, etc.). After a few weeks, they will have little trees. The trees will eventually give fruit the children will be able to eat, or donate to the community. We are giving the trees' surplus to Singapore. The trees are being planted in community gardens and HDB areas across Singapore. We name the trees after the children who planted them and children are invited to attend when the trees are planted in the ground.


We encourage each one of you to start planting trees at home. This is in sync with Singapore's plan to produce 30% of the food it consumes domestically by 2030.