Fresh, Organic & Traceable
"Shiokfarm has changed our lifestyle"
Grabiel & Emily
Fresh produce delivered weekly
ShiokFarm helps me to save a lot of time and honestly also money

What our customers love

“I love knowing exactly where the food on our plates has come from. It’s fresh, it’s organic and hasn’t traveled halfway around the world to reach us. Keep up the good work!!”

Aimee, ShiokFarmer for 2.5 years

“Every week we feel all the love you pack in our bags: love for fresh produce, love for environment (no plastic and returnable bag, yay!) and love for the members. Thank you”

Hiroko, ShiokFarmer for 2 years

“We love to grill the zucchini with a little olive oil or blend it with basil to make pasta for our girls. The okra is small and tender (you can’t find it like that in Singapore). And the dates are a real treat.”

Marco, ShiokFarmer for 1 year

What's on the menu

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We take pride to always try to bring produces that are grown as close as possible to us. We fly things in only if they are not available