Hello and a warm welcome to ShiokFarm!

My name is Claire Chabrieres. I created ShiokFarm two years ago when I became aware that the organic pear I was feeding my toddler cost $6! When I became pregnant with twins, I realised that if I wanted to give each child an organic pear, the cost would be $18... Crazy! I then looked at the different existing communities/systems. 

ShiokFarm is inspired from the French AMAP. In a nutshell, a group of families gather together and tell a farmer that they will buy all his production. Knowing his revenue is secured, the farmer can offer very competitive prices. This allows families to have regionally grown organic veggies and fruits at a very competitive price - ShiokFarm organic fruits and veggies are actually cheaper than some of the generic products one can find in Singapore, just because we go straight from the farm to your plate! :)  



Three things to note: 

  • This program is a 6 months partnership between the members and the farmers
. The members commit to buy the full production of the farmer, in return of which the farmer gives us a really good price. This implies that when you go on holidays/cannot pick up your share, you will have to find a neighbor or a friend to pick it up for you. If not, your share will be given to a charity (ShiokFarm supports Cheshire Home in Serangoon Gardens Way). 
  • Deliveries happen on a given day (Mondays or Tuesdays, depending of the location) and at a given time (a two hours window). A ShiokFarm member hosts the Collection point and other members have to pick up their shares at that agreed time. If their schedule does not allow it, members should get organised with another member to pick it up for them. This system allows us to save a lot on storage costs.
  • We favor local agriculture and short supply chains (ie: most of our produces come from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand). Occasionally, we will top up our bags with certified organic produces coming from organic farms that are further away to allow more variety in our bags.


To choose your bag and join the waiting list to become a Member, please click here.
To read our Members Guidelines, please click here.

Warm regards,

Claire & the ShiokFarm team


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