Mix Medium - 5kg Standard Organic Bag

5.0 kg

The 5kg bag contains a good basis for one week of organic goodness for two adults and one or two (young) children. We keep a focus on the Dirty Dozen (the twelve fruits and vegetables that are the most polluted when grown in a non-organic environment), and we are adding a few nice produces. This bag is very nicely completed with the 3kg Premium bag. The 5kg bag contains:

Tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes and/or sweet potatoes almost weekly. Depending of availability at the farm, you will also receive zucchinis, carrots and eggplants, green beans, sweet corn, onions, butternut pumpkin, cauliflower, kale, ginger, etc.
Most weeks you will get bananas. Depending of the season, we will be able to include a selection of the following: apples, pears, oranges, grapefruits, pineapples, coconut, mangoes, papaya, passion fruits, etc.

You can top up the content of your bag with the surplus the farms are sending us weekly. Between Thursday afternoon and Monday morning, place your order here