Organic Champagne Drappier Brut Nature, without sulphur

0.75 kg

75cl bottle of organic champagne, without sulphur : this is ideal for people who are allergic to sulphur.

Here everything is purity. In the culmination of a process which over the years has led us to reduce the quantity of sulphites in our Champagnes, no sulphur is added to this cuvée during the different stages of vinification, allowing the Pinot Noir to express itself in perfect freedom. Without dosage but even so exhibiting a remarkable roundness thanks to the maturity of the fruit and the time spent down in our cellars, this cuvée evokes lovely apples and Williams pear, with a hint of citrus fruits.

Drappier has been a family business since 1808. Since 2016, the eighth generation of the Drappier family has joined Michel and his wife Sylvie, to work on the family business. Charline, born in 1989, is gradually taking over marketing, while her brother, Hugo, born in 1991, is responsible for viticulture and oenology. Antoine, born in 1996, shows a keen interest in animals and nature, and ploughs part of the organically-farmed vineyard with his horse. The Drappier estate also includes some old orchards, a vegetable garden, and a farmyard. It has now earned the well-deserved accreditation of “Carbon Neutral”.

In 2016, Champagne Drappier became the first “carbon neutral” estate in the region (Écoact). From vine to wine, every effort is taken to reduce the carbon footprint. For example, the solar panels on the roof of their buildings (covering nearly 2,000 m²), produce 75% of the energy they need. Their fleet of electric vehicles (electric tractors and goods vehicles) allows them to reduce their fossil fuel consumption, and their electric charging points (generic and Tesla) allow visitors and staff to benefit from the energy produced through their systems.
The new shape of the Drappier bottle, designed by Michel Drappier, is now 15% lighter than a traditional champagne bottle.

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