Ewe's Tomette

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Origin: France

Quantity: approx 600gr

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We are SO excited to launch a new product line this month with our first cheese ever: the organic Tomette de Brebis (Ewe’s Tomette) from Bêêle Nature. No doubt it will soon be followed by other dairy delights in the coming weeks and months (stay tuned)!   

Bêêle Nature farm was founded in 2020 in Savoy, France, with the mission of preparing and maturing organic cheeses exclusively from the Lacaune ewes born and raised in their farm. Mindful of the well-being of the animals, the ewes are roaming freely in their alpine pastures from March to December, while the weather allows. This hard paste cheese, whose taste evolves throughout the year with the changing pastures, manages to combine the typical taste of ewe’s dairy with a soft & mild aroma which will please most palates.

The 600g tomette, a rustic and rather large piece, will keep well and last up to a month: simply pack it back in an airtight container and keep it in the crisper compartment of the fridge.

Another option is to slice it and freeze it. Take the slices out as needed for your children’s snacks, your own snacks or the aperitif :)

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