Organic Tomatoes - Heirloom (farm in transition)

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Origin: Malaysia

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How to prepare

Extremely versatile - use fresh in salads or use in sauces, soups and savoury dishes. Dry them to use in winter or use green tomatoes in chutney. Try making your own fresh salsa by chopping them, adding red or fresh onions and a green herb and well as a squeeze of lemon, vinegar and a bit of sugar, salt and pepper. It’s great with tortilla chips or on a courgette fritter.


Your bag will contain a mix of heirloom tomatoes sent by our partner farm - note that they are not certified organic yet, they have started the process and are in what is called "in transition". Be ready for some colourful salads! 🍅 Delivered from the farm, so wash before cooking. Best kept out of the fridge and on a cool veg rack. Under ripe tomatoes can be kept at room temperature, very ripe in the fridge - but bring to room temperature before eating for flavour.

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Origin: Thailand
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Origin: Thailand