Weekly Organic Fruit & Veg Bags

Most of what our bags contain comes from Malaysia or Thailand, and occasionally from Australia - this allows to bring you flavoursome seasonal produce AND keep our CO2 emissions under control.

Our boxes are weekly so that you will always receive fresh food & a nice variety of flavours. Weekly boxes also allow our farmers to plan what they will grow and limit food waste. 

Firstly, choose a bag

We have three sorts of bags:

1. mix (contain roughly 60% vegetables and 40% fruits)

2. mainly veggies

3. fruit bag 

Then select your plan

1. Flexible Plan

This is a super flexible 4-weeks plan, you can pause and start again when you want and renew it anytime. 

2. "Support our Farmers" Plan

This plan is cheaper and cancellable anytime, but it entails a 2-month notice period and a $200 deposit. This commitment gives our farmers a much needed visibility, allowing good prices (a member just told us that we were cheaper than organic produce she bought this summer at her local shop in Paris!) and reducing food waste by about 40%.

Pick your delivery option, et voilà, bon appétit!