Unpasteurised Organic Almonds

1.0 kg
$59.40 $66.00

Francesco grows his almonds in Madonie Natural Park in Sicily, Italy. His centuries old trees grow almonds which taste like nothing you have ever tried before, really! Because of a recent law requiring all almonds grown in the U.S.A. to be pasteurised, Francesco's delicious almonds are a rare find. 


They come in bags of 1 kilo or 300g, if it is too much for you, do share with a friend. We are trying to order bigger bags to save on packaging and also to save on shipping. 

Did you know that almonds have a high amount of oil and fat content that absorbs pesticides easily, so it is best to buy organic. Walnuts have a lot of pest issues and as such are saturated with pesticides and more chemicals than any other nut.