Organic Kampot Pepper Bay

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Quantity: 3 x 50g

Kampot Pepper Bay Farm produces certified organic pepper in Southern Cambodia, near Kep. The pepper grows on a plot of land that is a “Protected Geographical Indication” zone, a proof of superior attention brought to the land. 

Kampot Pepper Bay customers are Michelin star restaurants and gourmets around the world who value the exceptional quality of their product and share their social values.

The various grain colors (green, red, black, white), which can be obtained naturally from the same peppercorn through different traditional processes, are reminiscent of finely polished gemstones which can be enjoyed whole or grounded (think diamond powder…).

Black Pepper: A fruity and powerful pepper, which releases delicate aromas of eucalyptus and fresh mint. Use with red meats, fatty fish, cooked tomato-based dishes, vegetables, marinades, charcuterie, cheeses, desserts (chocolate in particular)…

White Pepper: A pepper with a lively spiciness, with aromas of fresh herbs, citrus fruits and eucalyptus. Use with shellfish, white fish, poultry, pork, veal, sauces, broths, asparagus, etc.

Red Pepper: A pepper with fruity, warm and powerful aromas, with notes of red fruit, pineapple and citrus. Use with salads, white meats, lamb, soups, desserts based on red fruits.

Each bag weighs 50gr, your order contains three bags of pepper: a black, a red and a white one. 

You will need a pepper mill to fully appreciate its flavors. 

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