6 bottles of Organic wine made by exceptional female winemakers

4.5 kg

To celebrate International Women's Day, we have put together a box of 6 bottles of organic wines made by 5 extra-ordinary women who work in a man's world and run their own vineyards in France and Italy.

They create subtle and elegant wines by combining softness, rigour and femininity.

This box contains :

- 2 bottles of Domaine OUDIN Chablis 2018

- 1 bottle of LALU Barbera D'Alba 2019

- 1 bottle of Domaine FIONA LEROY Bourgogne "Les Foultières" 2019. Do check this beautiful film that shows the four seasons on her vineyard in Burgundy. 

- 1 bottle of Domaine HAUVETTE Baux de Provence  "Cornaline" 2014. Dominique Hauvette won the title “Winemaker of the Year 2020” at the Grand Prix of the famous Revue des Vins de France. She is the first woman to earn that title. 

- 1 bottle Domaine JOBLOT Givry "Preface" 2017

We have decided to put 2 bottles of Chablis because this is unanimously one of ShiokFarm's female team members' favorite white wines. We thought it might be one of yours too. :)


Delivery information

Bottles will be home delivered within one week. Delivery cost is included. 

Credit: the video is "Domaine Fiona Leroy - Les quatre saisons de la vigne"