ShiokFarm 6th Anniversary

ShiokFarm 6th Anniversary

Sooo, we are turning 6 years old!!! Time flies and it is difficult to believe that 6 years ago I started the adventure with 20 families. At the time we only had one bag: 10kg of organic fruit and vegetables and two Collection Points: Holland Village and Serangoon. 

Fast forward 6 fruitful years: we now offer 12 varieties of bags including 3 for offices. We have 10 collection points. We do home deliveries, we stopped using plastic, we truck in most of what we distribute, we grow mangroves in Indonesia to offset our carbon emissions.

As a way to keep you up to date with our results, goals and ambitions, we have also published our first Sustainability Report.

Beyond the business growth, what I am most happy about is all the people I have met and who have supported ShiokFarm in so many different ways. From hosting a collection point to working with me, or being a supporting member and providing us with meaningful feedback.

With the state of the planet today 🌏 your support is needed more than ever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Like I said before, you are the one allowing this and I thank you again for taking part in our mission.

Claire 🌱👩‍🌾

Claire Chabrieres

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