Garlic sautéed zucchinis

Garlic sautéed zucchinis

This dish is easy and quick to make (5min tops). 

The secret to sautéing zucchinis is to not overcook them. When overcooked, zucchini will turn mushy. To do so, you want to use a large pan so that zucchini slices have a change to spread out and turn brown instead of steam. You actually want to do the same when cooking mushrooms: they need room: do not layer them in the pan.

Another secret is not not peel the zucchini, or they will definitely turn mushy. 

Lastly: salt, do not add it at the beginning but rather towards the end. 

You want to put a couple of spoons of olive oil in your pan. When hot, add the fresh garlic you will have cut in tiny pieces. When the garlic starts to turn a bit darker, add the zucchinis. When they reach the colour you can see on the picture: they are ready! 

Add in some extra crunch with toasted sliced almonds. You can also add a bit of grated parmigiano on top.  Bon appétit! 

Claire Chabrieres

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